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Our Local Pizza is Another Favorite Food

Pizza has been around for many years and is one of the world's favorite items on the menu. Pizza originated in Italy and has been around the world. America had it made famous from Brooklyn, New York. From there, it took the rest of the country by storm and is now sold in restaurants, sold in the frozen sections, and is one of the hottest items in the food department that is called for delivery. Pizza is something everyone can enjoy because it can have whatever toppings a person chooses, from cheese only to pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, or anything that people like. There is even vegetarian pizza with only vegetables for those who love pizza but not the meat portions. We also serve other items that are like pizza, which are known as calzones. They are more like a stuffed pie or bread, and people can choose what they want inside.

The local pizza here in Massachusetts is something people love and talk about all of the time. We deliver with an added $2.50 charge to the meals. It is not only pizza but anything the customer wishes to order off of the menu. We offer gluten-free pizza for those who have a hard time with gluten as they all come in small or large. Different toppings can be added or left off, depending on what the customer chooses. Different sauces are available from the regular tomato sauce. Extra items can be added by telling us when you order your customized local pizza. We can have your pizza sold as a whole or sell it to the public by the slices. Only certain topping pizzas are sold by the slice, like cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza. Salads and appetizers are also sold with all pizzas for those who eat alone or those who eat a whole pizza with a family.


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