Try Our Appetizers Before Ordering the Main Course

When looking for food near me in the Methuen, MA area, try looking online in your chosen search engines and find our business, pdubZ Pizza and Wings. There are hundreds of places in the great state of Massachusetts, but our restaurant is one of a kind with the service that will make your heart feel warm and cozy. Pizza can be a full course meal on its own with all the toppings you can choose from and enjoy with every flavorful bite. Our toppings of choice hold something for everyone, and our salads and appetizers, along with the pizza, is more than enough to fill a king and queen. There is no reason to go hungry with all the excellent food we have to offer at a reasonable price. Our regular pizzas and specialty pizzas will satisfy those who are looking for food near me. Our best sellers are the Meat Lovers for those who need protein in their system and the Vegetarian for those who stick to the vegetables.

Our appetizers are loved when people come in to sit and relax in the environment we have laid out. We have favorites like cheese sticks, potato skins, onion rings, fries, cheese bacon fries, chicken fingers, boneless wings, and much more. Many would say they are sides, but the portion of our appetizers can fill up someone with a not so big appetite. We love to see the smiles on everyone's faces when they take their first bite. If people are not hungry for a whole pizza, they can have our salads with their meat choice and an appetizer for a fair price. Everyone has a smile on their face, and no one leaves hungry when they are finished eating. We also sell all of your favorite Coca-Cola products in 20-ounce bottles or the two litters for those dining in a group.


(978) 208-0911

687 Prospect St, Methuen, MA 01844, USA

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